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The following documents are in PC-formatted (though they should also work in Mac) DOC/X and XLS formats.  We are working on posting these as PDF’s as well.  Please left click on them to open files within your browser, if you are set up to view files within your browser, or right click on the files you want and just “Save As” to the destination of your choice. These files may be used freely for educational purposes.  If you have any questions about the material below please contact author Penny Noyce here.

For Parents/Teachers – Lost in Lexicon Book Club Guide:

For Teachers/Librarians/Homeschoolers:

Lost in Lexicon offers many opportunities for integrating language arts and math enrichment.  It’s been taught or team-taught to classes of advanced sixth graders or seventh graders. Below are some resources to help teachers approach the book.

Common Core-Lost in Lexicon Crosswalk & Detailed Discussion of CCS Links:

Teacher-Submitted Resources:

Printable PDF Compasses for use with Lost in Lexicon activities:

The next book in the Lexicon series, “The Ice Castle,” is here! check out this video about Ice Castle activities for a class or book group:


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